90% of poor african Americans Have no chance of success. By choice.

90% of poor african Americans Have no chance of success. By choice.

Press Release (PressBurner) Aug 30, 2009 - I could not even began to tell you what exactly in me has changed. I couldn't even tell you when it began to change. All I can tell you is that something has changed and that that change has changed me and everything in my world, past, present and future. It's like 90% of my world has been dusted, washed and placed in the sun. I feel like something had been keeping records on my decisions throughout my entire life and using that record to determine how light my step could be as I walked through life. I felt like somehow most of the negatives in those records had been deleted, erased or just forgiven. I felt like a new man. I was a new man. It was like looking at a someone you love but who was also unfortunately very sick and they miraculously look healthy and strong,... priceless.

This sounds like I got saved, or like my NDE"S (Dead twice, back twice) at least to me, and I was there. But it isn't either of those though they did feel like the above explanation. This time I am talking about the moment my thought proccess and perspective evolved. My thought proccess and decision making centers in my brain took about 23 steps forward. I was not on the level I was on not that long ago. Things got easier, better and more fulfilling. Everything. I knew me better than I ever had. My goals changed, arrived if I must be honest. My information proccessing went nuclear. My priorities adjusted themselves correctly, automatically. Everything changed. I went from street smart to Genius, and I got to keep street smart. I won the "have a good life potential" lottery. I wanted to tell the world! I tried. But they didn't listen. So many of us black men have given up so long that we have gotten stupid and then passed it on to our women and kids. Ain't nobody gonna get me though. I gave up. Too much work. Dumb job anyway. But I never lost my thankfulness for being given the blessing of completing the first and most important step in getting me and my family out of the hopelessness of the ghetto life...

...I got my thoughts out of the ghetto.

George Clinton was right when he said, "free yo mind and yo ass will follow". It is so true. One of those true things you know all you life but becomes important to you later in life if you are lucky. One of those things you know but don't really understand. Like my mother and father and aunts, uncles have told me in one way or the other that, "by the time I get 25-30 years of age half my friends would be dead or in jail". That is so common in the ghetto but extremely rare childhood advice outside the ghetto. But you know what? If you are older than 30 and have lived in the hood most of that, that statement is true or nearly true now, if you are a poor, living day to day type black person. I was raised, have lived and still lives in the ghetto. I may live in a suburb of the "real" hood, I still live in the hood. By suburb I mean ten blocks from the worst part. There ain't no white businesses within a mile in any direction other than a meat market and a mechanic shop. But I do have to go 3-4 blocks for a bar, thats a blessing in the hood.

I freed my mind from the ghetto and that gave my a new perspective on the ghetto. Things that made perfect sense on day was entirely stupid the next. I started to understand things I had heard all my life with new ears that took a lot of them from daily banter to pure genius. Once my mind changed and explore things outside of the ghetto I started to notice the patterns and sequences present in the ghetto, and I was amazed, shocked and disgusted. From the outside looking in the ghetto looks insane. Nowhere in America is there less individuality, we dress the same, think the same... it's getting stagnant-er. And I don't mean that in a disrespectful way, we can do anything, we just by and large choose not too. It doesn't matter what the white man did or is doing to us. If we know the bridge is out and still keep walking the same route, ain't it our own dam fault after awhile that we keep getting nowhere but wet?

Anyway That one look opened up my life to bigger and better things and make no mistake, the ghetto is a frame of mind far more than a destination.

*I recognized that I had spent most of my life sub-consciencly Trying to impress a section of America where 70 percent of the people had their idea of success hopelessly twisted.

*I recognized that some way or other the statement "the clothes make the man" was actually a truth not a phrase in the ghetto.

*I recognized that the American ghetto was about 0.0075 percent of the world.

*I recognized that we have gotten so bad that we don't even like each other no more.

*I recognized that nothing I have written here will make any difference what-so-ever.

Clothes, fighting, screwing, scratching, surviving, stunting and worrying are not the primary daily thoughts of any other people constantly. Only us. And the sad part is we are doing it all to ourselves now. The "white man" may have started the snowball down the hill but we carried it back up and rolled it down again and again our dam selves. Am I the only one who has noticed that our ghetto is worse than the spanish ghetto? We have been here longer than them and gotten more governmental help, why are we not making it on a community wide level? Why are we not demanding instead of whining and complaining? We need to free our minds, deprogram, find our true selves.

I am starting to think we have just put a jazzy spin on our assimilation.

Thats why other black races around the world see us as the white mans lapdogs or the devils lap dogs depending on the geographical area making the statement. They see us as lazy and we know they do. We can't understand how anyone could call us lazy, hell we did most of the hard work in America throughout history. They are not talking about lazy in a physical sense, though I know plenty lazy people. They are talking about lazy in a mental sense. We squander things daily that other blacks around the globe wish and pray for everyday of their lives. Of course they resent us... They have but one dream and that is to get to America and take advantage of the things we take for granted.

We fxxxed up... Are fxxking up, we need to fix it. Money will help but money can't do it alone. We have internal problems all the money in the world can't help. We need to work together, we need to respect each other and we need to take a little energy from our applause of successful black folks and put that energy into emulating them. They should be our proof, not our exceptions to the rule that we can't make it. They should show us what we can do if we don't fall to despair at failure. If the system seems to be holding you back, study it and strike when it's weak. Rev. Jesse Jackson made us know that we are somebody, NIKE tells us that we can. All we have to do is do it. Even if you don't make it to the top, you will get farther than you are now. We have a black President. What more kick in the ass do you need?

Husla3x (super-genius) Author at http://blackfriendonline.com

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Sunday, August 30, 2009 - 3:07am
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