A Grand Prize Draw in Aid of the Children, Victims of the Flooding

Fergus Rivers is giving you the chance to win one his masterpieces. As a strong advocate for charity work, he hopes this will raise the funds so he can continue to donate to the Children Of The Planet Charity, the flood victims of the Philippines.

Press Release (PressBurner) Oct 17, 2009 - Master Sculptor Fergus Rivers Launches A Unique Raffle So You Can Win An Exclusive Limited Edition 24 Inch Bronze Statue Of The Late Pope John Paul II Worth $4,997.00

Fergus Rivers is giving you the chance to win one his masterpieces. As a strong advocate for charity work, he hopes this offering will raise the funds so he can continue to donate money to the Children Of The Planet Charity and the flood victims of the Philippines.

With decades of experience behind him, Fergus is one of the few people able to handcraft the 20.5 kilogram bronze statue using the lost waxing method. This is the sculpting method used the masters in ancient Greece. With years of experience, Mr Rivers is uniquely skilled and able to produce this work of art.

Fergus was born in 1950 and is now launching this raffle by selling tickets for only $9 each. His level of compassion and generosity is clear as each statue of the Pope is worth $4,997.00.

What this means is that you can win a sculpture from one of the finest sculpture artists around. These days, it’s very hard to find handcrafted bronze sculptures of this standard as most are imported from Asia.

Fergus Rivers wants to give you the opportunity to own one of only 4 limited edition bronze sculptures left. The others are going to be sold and become collector’s items.

As you can see from the photograph, the craftsmanship of the statue is exquisite and holds a true likeness to the Pope.

Besides this, the power of having the statue in your home is immense. It will give you the feeling of love and compassion and help you to practice these virtues in your life.

Many people are amazed at the inspiration, enthusiasm and charisma that the statue gives to people. It is really a wonderful gift for your home and will bring a calming power to you.

Through a blend of 90.23% of bronze ingot metal, the entire process of creating the bronze statue takes over four weeks. This new raffle offering by Fergus brings something brand new to the marketplace and the proceeds will help with care and education for orphaned children.

Fergus’ commitment to the needs of others underlines his dedication in proving powerful works of art to the world.
With that said, Fergus cannot guarantee you will win the sculpture, but ticket holders are guaranteed that 100% of the money will go to charity.

For information on the raffle launch, please visit:

About Fergus Rivers

Fergus specializes in sculptures and creating unique and exclusive works of art.  He is able to create custom sculptures to specification and represents some of the most talented artists of his generation. He is also heavily involved in charity work and devotes a lot of his free time and own money toward causes he is passionate about.

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