Breast Augmentation Clinical Study Selects Prima Center for Plastic Surgery-Test Center in Atlanta

A new saline filed breast implant has been developed will begin clinical trials in a few selected areas of the United States.

Press Release (PressBurner) Feb 16, 2009 - A new saline filed breast implant has been developed will begin clinical trials in a few selected areas of the United States.  This includes plastic surgeons in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Southeastern Florida and Southern California.  The implant may be an attractive alternative to the currently available gel filled and saline filled implants.  

A new breast implant as been developed as an attractive alternative to the current standard saline and silicone gel implant options.  The patent-protected IDEAL IMPLANT® Saline-filled Breast Implant uses no new materials, fillers or manufacturing processes. It is made from standard saline implant shells, valves and patches, with only saline as the filler. And, it is manufactured entirely in the United States.  The IDEAL IMPLANT®  has been developed by plastic surgeon Robert S. Hamas, MD.    The Ideal Implant® appeals to a broad community of respected plastic surgeons in the United States.  

The Ideal Implant® design consists of a series of saline implant shells of increasing size nested together.  There is an inner shell defining an inner saline compartment and an outer shell defining an outer saline compartment; between these shells are one to three unattached, perforated shells. This internal structure is designed in an effort to control movement of the saline filler. The goal is to reduce the bouncing associated with standard saline implants and to give the natural, breast tissue-like feel associated with silicone gel implants.  The design of the implant will help to decrease rippling and scalloping of the edges.  

The advantage of the ideal implant is the way it conforms to the chest wall.  The implant edge lays close to the chest’s convex surface to minimize wrinkling on the sides, much like a gel filled implant

Patient enrollment for the clinical trail of the Ideal Implant® is planned to begin in March or April 2009.  Women can make a consultation appointment with Dr. Nakano  to get acquainted and learn about breast augmentation. Detailed information about the Ideal Implant® and the clinical trial will be provided as part of the enrollment process.  Women must live within 100 miles of our office in Duluth, Georgia.

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