Canadian Father Creates Unique Opportunity For Online Businesses

Canadian father sells eggs, creating a unique advertising opportunity for online and local businesses. Created to provide for his daughter’s future and education.

Press Release (PressBurner) Oct 11, 2009 - Rick Wilson, a father of a 4 year old daughter, created a project of a unique advertising opportunity for local and online businesses.  Selling 10,000 eggs to be designed by businesses and displayed on Million Eggs that link back to the business’s website.  The father, Rick Wilson, 37, works as a property manager full time. In his spare time he created the project Million Eggs, with the goal to secure his daughters future, her education, and immediate future. Selling all 10,000 eggs this will succeed in that goal with no question.

Online or local businesses have the unique opportunity to create and design an ad for 5 years reflecting their business using the base shape of what brings life…an Egg.  

Rick Wilson says, “Own a Part of The Internet Phenomenon!” This may be the case if all 10,000 eggs projected to sell to online and local businesses is a success.

Businesses that purchase an egg , design it to reflect the type of business they offer.   Each egg on Million Eggs includes Meta data and the link back to the business’s website.  Rick Wilson has also ensured that every egg of the 10,000 to be sold will show randomly at one thousand eggs per page.

His advice to business owners purchasing an egg on Million Eggs is to be fun, unique and to create their egg ad to stand out while still in relation to the products and services they offer.  Businesses who simply want to purchase an egg and have their logo incorporated into the design of an egg can contact Rick Wilson as he is prepared to help those businesses make that a success.

Rick Wilson ensures that all 10,000 eggs will sell and it will be "The Internet Phenomenon" that he offers to own part of.  With enough passion and energy Rick Wilson says "Contributing and being able to ensure my daughter’s future is my passion which produces my energy to make this a success.  

Businesses that make the decision to become part of Million Eggs will be part of "The Internet Phenomenon" that he ensures us to be created, exposing your business to thousands of people a day viewing an array of creativity promoting local and online business in a unique form.

Find out more about Rick Wilson and [ Million Eggs - Own a Part of The Internet Phenomenon!]

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Sunday, October 11, 2009 - 3:23am
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