Going Vogue: Sarah Palin Look-Alike Publishes Memoir

Former Pucci Fashion Designer, a Sarah Palin Look-Alike, launched her memoir this week after five tumultuous years of healing through writing.

Press Release (PressBurner) Nov 17, 2009 - Raleigh, North Carolina --  Former Pucci Fashion Designer published her memoir this week after five tumultuous years of healing through writing.

Nancy Stolfo-Corti has had nine lives, moving to the Triangle 13 years ago with two of her three children. When her husband did not come after her third child joined them, her plans for opening a restaurant in her historic home in Apex crumbled, as did her dreams of “for better or for worse.”

“Initially, I had a lot of push back from my family. While they really wanted me to write a book they did not want me to write a book about that. Italian families just do not talk about certain things," said Stolfo Corti. "They did not understand that until I removed the wreckage - the infidelity, the re-writing of my history, the loss of respect of my children - without telling my side of the story, I was paralyzed from living. When my mom saw a women on Oprah that had gone through the same thing and if it was on Oprah, that made it OK.”

Stolfo Corti credits her friends for being her life support during her American journey and her healing, helping her emotionally and financially to get through the darkest of days and into the light.

The Other Side of Tuscany is framed in fashion, food and wine in historic Tuscany and contemporary North Carolina. The Other Side of Tuscany is available through Lulu.com. Stolfo Corti is finishing The Kitchen Diaries of The Other Side of Tuscany for a Spring 2010 release, with other books already lining up to be written.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 - 8:19am
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