GVK Biosciences to Present at the 238th ACS National Meeting

GVK BIO has integrated all its individual databases into one single database, GOSTAR which has a very good web-based UI for different types of online queries.

Press Release (PressBurner) Aug 28, 2009 - GVK Biosciences Private Limited (GVK BIO), Asia’s leading Contract Research Organization, will make a presentation ACS National Meeting. The talk will be given by GVK BIO’s Head of Informatics and Senior Vice at the 238th President, Dr. Jagarlapudi Sarma.

Titled, GOSTAR: GVK BIO online structure activity relationship database: Data and its utility, the presentation focuses on the GVK BIO Knowledge Databases and the creation of a web-based User Interface.

GVK BIO is well known for the development of Knowledge databases of chemical entities (~4 million compounds) with structure activity relationships. Information relating chemical structure, biological target, in vitro and in vivo assay for efficacy/pharmacodynamics, clinical as well as Pharmacokinetics and toxicity is well integrated in different databases wherein the source information has been covered from a variety of Journals articles and patents for a variety of target families. Many pharmaceutical companies have been using these databases for different applications and/or modeling studies.

GVK BIO has integrated all its individual databases into one single database, GOSTAR which has a very good web-based UI for different types of online queries. In the process of integration of all individual databases into one data model, all the data has been standardized and necessary taxonomy and ontology were used to handle the integrated data. Any query will extract the data from all databases whether they feature in discovery, development or marketed drug space. Further, one can analyze the retrieved molecules for any off-target activity as well as other indications. A number of descriptors can be generated using the online available tools and the data can be analyzed for various models. Tools have been developed to study and to visualize the chemical, biological and Therapeutic indication space as well as company related information. Further tools were developed to filter the data based on chemical, pharmacological or toxicity filters and help the research process for better drug discovery. We will be discussing some case studies on the usefulness of the database in the drug discovery.

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Friday, August 28, 2009 - 5:00am
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