Herbal Hair Growth Treatment For Men

Herbal-H Inc. is an advanced hair growth company in Canada that has released a new formulation that treats Male Pattern Baldness. Through its Penetrating Peel Technology, this safe and effective hair growth solution produces, within three months, exceptional positive results with many forms of alopecia as well as other types of hair loss.

Press Release (PressBurner) Mar 10, 2010 - Herbal-H Inc. (www.herbal-h.com) is located in Montreal, Canada. It is an advanced hair growth company which released a new formula that helps regrow hair in men, in 2009.

Its newly adopted formula provides hair loss treatment as well as hair regrowth treatment for Male Pattern Baldness.

The spokesperson for the company says, “Herbal-H Inc was founded in 2006 to develop a toxic-free revolutionary hair growth spray under a high tech bioengineering environment.”

This company has now introduced a new technology called the Penetrating Peel Technology that uses powerful herbal ingredients such as Herbal Minoxidil, to regrow hair in a safe and effective way.

Herbal-H has introduced this hair growth solution that is natural and completely safe for use as hair loss treatment and hair regrowth treatment. It has proven to be effective for missing hair, bald or thinning hair in men.

“This medically proven hair regrowth treatment works by cleansing the pores in your scalp. Through the Penetrating Peel Technology the hair follicles are deeply hydrated. Herbal-H then accelerates the blood circulation, enhances the mass volume of the hair follicles and roots, and finally provides the essential nutrients to regain function of the hair follicle,” says their spokesperson.

According to the company, the unique mixture of Minoxidil and the potent herbal extracts revitalize hair follicles. Herbal-H, though mainly formulated to treat seborrheic and androgenetic alopecia, has produced exceptional results with other forms of alopecia as well as with other types of hair loss within three months of hair loss treatment.

“This hair growth solution is the safest and the most effective formula in the market today,” says their spokesperson.

After obtaining authentication and approval from the National Sanitation Department, Herbal-H released its hair growth spray in March 2009. This is a toxic free hair loss treatment that is very successful as it does not contain any drugs or chemicals considered dangerous for the health of the users.

People do not require any prescription or need to consult with their doctors for using Herbal-H to help regrow hair.

According to the company, men of all age groups can safely use Herbal-H. However, it advises that younger males consult with their doctors to determine the cause of their hair loss. This is to ensure that the hair loss is not due to a disease or adverse effect of some medication.

Extracted from purely natural herbs, Herbal-H does not contain any hormones and, if used correctly, will not affect other body hair. It also does not produce any side effects during and after use.

“Most hair growth products contain drugs, such as Finastride,” informs its spokesperson, adding further, “However, Herbal-H is the safest hair growth solution worldwide as it is all natural, toxic free, and does not contain any drugs.”

Visit www.herbal-h.com to learn more about this wonderful hair growth solution.

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