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The colossus of sound, style, fashion and entertainment that is Jazzy B. Jazzy B brings to life his own blend of modern Bhangra style complimenting his electric dance moves and live stage act.

Press Release (PressBurner) May 23, 2009 - He was all of five when Jaswinder Singh Bains moved from his little village in Punjab to the lush lands of Vancouver, British Columbia. Little was he to know that his passion for music, his unorthodox spiky hair, loud outrageous clothes, and an amazing voice would make him one of the biggest icon in bhangra music world wide. In a freewheeling interview with Little India's Kavita Chhibber, Jaswinder who is popularly known as Jazzy B, talks about the early days, his stupendous success as the crown prince of Bhangra, his pride in being Sikh, and what keeps him grounded in spite of world wide recognition.

Jazzy B was born in Nawanshahar, Punjab and immigrated with his family to Vancouver, Canada at the age of five and currently he resides in Birmingham, England. As one of the the most well-known fashion and style trendsetters around, individual and cultured sense of fashion makes him a leader amongst the masses with his unique hairstyles keeping his loyal fans forever guessing. His attire is distinctively western in fit while his music is definitely Indian - a twist that Jazzy B makes Work. Throughout his career, he has maintained a close relationship with urban music sense as well as the traditional sounds generated from the villages and cities of Punjab. Having performed for audiences of all ages and backgrounds across the world. The latest music of Jazzy B is filled with a mix of dance oriented blends of the seven sur's of Punjabi music and pop with sprinklings of hip-hop styled break-beats and smooth RnB rhythms.

Jazzy B was always different and many times people would comment about his appearance and say you are such a good singer, why do you have to dress that way? Why don't you change your hairstyle? It never stopped him from being himself and Jazzy told them look just because I dress a certain way doesn't make me any less of an Indian or a Sikh than you all. He is as good a human being and as close to God as any of you. Jazzy B has always believed in himself. People would look at him sticking out like a sore thumb and say "Oh look at that guy, he's weird. Look at his hair!" But it was a look and Jazzy B was comfortable with. "Why should I change who I am for other people?", Jazzy B Said.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009 - 1:24am
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