Learn About the Control of Diabetes through E-Books from Lifestyle Makeover

Pharmacist George Tohme provides invaluable assistance in the control of diabetes and its symptoms through a special series of e-books. Distributed by Lifestyle Makeover, Tohme brings his own experience to help others improve their health.

Press Release (PressBurner) Aug 07, 2009 - From the team of Lifestyle Makeover comes a revolutionary system for the control of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other health issues. Theirs is a total set of ways to improve one's lifestyle for better overall health.
Pharmacist George Tohme, a personal trainer and certified counselor for diabetes management, cholesterol management, smoking cessation and nutrition guidance, shares through the Lifestyle Makeover team his own unique method for health improvement. Having fought a 17-year battle with obesity, diabetes and other conditions dangerous to one's well-being, Tohme uses his knowledge as the author of a series of e-books that can change lives. He draws from his own experiences to help others regain the ability to make the makeover their lifestyle needs.

Tohme has, in his 22 years of pharmacological practice, assisted tens of thousands of people worldwide regain control of diabetes, of their lives and of their health. Titles such as "Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetics" among other e-books are all written by Tohme in order to reveal ways on how to conquer such deadly conditions and restore proper physical function without resorting to experimental treatments, surgery or drugs.

Tohme's system guarantees results within six weeks of beginning his unique program. For more information, visit http://www.lifestylemakeoverebook.com.

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