Live Longer Walking Only 30 Minutes A Day

One out of three Americans is considered obese and suffer from diabetes, heart disease or a myriad of other obesity related diseases. Read how walking can prevent obesity so you can be stronger and live longer.

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The minimum daily requirement of exercise to prevent weight gain is 30 minutes a day of walking, or 12 miles a week. A study of sedentary, overweight men and women (aged 40-65 years) showed they lost body fat and weight when they walked or ran 12 miles a week during an 8-month study, without changing their diet. A control group of non-exercisers all gained weight and fat during the 8-month study.

Get Your Minimum Daily Requirement of Walking

“From the perspective of prevention, it appears that the 30 minutes per day will keep most people from gaining the additional weight associated with inactivity,” said said Cris Slentz, Ph.D of the Duke University research team in a news release. “Given the increase in obesity in the U.S., it would seem likely that many in our society may have fallen below this minimal level of physical activity required to maintain body weight.”

More Exercise and Higher Intensity Even Better

The group that exercised at 65-80% of maximum heart rate (equivalent of running or racewalking) for 20 miles a week saw even better results than those who either ran for 12 miles a week or walked for 12 miles a week. This shows that more is better.

Walking 30 minutes a day or 12 miles a week at 40-55% maximum heart rate: Lost 1% of body weight, lost 1.6% of waist measurement, lost 2% of body fat and gained 0.7% lean muscle.

Walking and Foot Pain

If you are just starting a walking program and notice foot pain is preventing you from staying on your feet you need arch supports.  Arch supports hold your foot in the correct position, realign your skeletal structure and take the extra weightbearing pressure off of your lower extremities.  Knees, ankles, joints and even your lower back may feel aches and pains with extra weight since up to three times your body weight goes straight to your feet at each step.  For example, if you weigh 100 lbs., each step you take sends 300 lbs. of body weight pressure straight to your feet, ankles, joints, etc.

Arch supports will reduce and even eliminate the body aches and pains and help you walk the distance.  Go to and visit the Walking Store.  Arch supports are sold for up to 70% below store retail pricing and they are guaranteed to fit and guaranteed for life.  Walk more, live longer!

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