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Florida is tucked between pristine beaches and natural stands of mangrove trees. The demography is separated by gulf islands and a weekend of shelling, fine dining, lodging, and shopping is tantalizing.

Press Release (PressBurner) Aug 30, 2010 - The common knowledge is that Miami homes market is in the process of building more, although the numbers are pointing downwards they are still keen on building more elegant and great homes, because I think they believe in the potential of the city for greater heights, although reports have been saying that there are a number of condos that are in the cold market, still it is not wise to not consider Miami as a luxury home hot spot.

In such areas that commands demand like the South Beach and the greater beach area of Miami Beach the potential is high, almost known figures not only in Miami but in the whole country have luxury homes and condos in the area which makes Miami one of the top luxury home locations in North America. The general thinking of people nowadays is that Miami is a housing bust market; they fail to consider the potential of its Miami homes and Miami condo market.

South Florida, Miami, the Dade County, and Fort Lauderdale are the best known cities. The proximity of South Florida to the Atlantic Ocean adds attraction to Intra-coastal waterway that connects them. With international airports and harbors these places are the most sought after vacation destinations, with diverse populations and a friendly neighborhood to live on.

Its excellent climate attracts millions of visitors every year. The young population which makes up this region is vibrant and the business locality attracts billions in investment from all over the world. South Florida, according to recent data, is attracting more population, and work force. Each and every month the region attracts people not only from the US, but also from all over the world. Businesses looking to relocate, are giving more preference to this place for its vibrant work force. It is widely known that luxury homes in Miami are so much in demand that home developers and investors pursued to make more.

With most of the area designated as wildlife sanctuaries this place is where the palm trees are the tallest things around. South Florida is a diverse community, both socially and culturally influenced by the countries surrounding the U.S., the Caribbean and Central and South America. Cuisines from regions are found in the restaurants, entertainment, culture and festivals making life here much more than a day at the beach. No matter what your actual lifestyle is, you can make this place your home here.

Buyer Beware
Although the carpeting, granite counter tops and remodeled bathrooms inside a converted condo are new, the building's exterior may or may not have received the same attention or renovation. Buyers should hire an inspector to check the condition of the unit, as well as the entire complex, including common areas, plumbing, and roofs.

Condo Controversy
When developers buy apartment buildings to convert to condominiums, the existing renters are displaced. Several cities have recently created new laws to protect the rights of these renters. As a result, we are starting to see a decrease in condo conversions as many cities impose greater restrictions on condo conversions.

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