MedTrakker - Cancer Medical Organizer

A premier all-in-one Cancer Medical Organizer. To aid patients track and organize their treatment care journey.

Press Release (PressBurner) May 01, 2009 - I custom design Cancer Medical Organizers for patients. Cancer touches most of us directly or indirectly through a loved one, friend or co-worker. I know when my Mother was diagnosed with Leukemia; the paperwork alone was over-whelming, different Doctor Appointments, lab schedules, Dr.'s phone numbers. There were little pieces of paper scattered throughout her home. I have designed each section of the organizer to fit the needs of every Cancer patient.

This premier all-in-one medical organizer is designed to allow you to record concise, authoritative information about your personal Cancer treatment. An essential Medical Log Book and Cancer Care Organizer to record your personal Cancer information in an easy-to-use format!   Record all your prescription Information. Doctor's Instructions. Lab Results and More!  

What will the MedTrakker do for you? It will keep your essential personal cancer medical information in a simple, easy to use format. It is small enough for you to take to your Doctor appointments, to the Emergency Room, and when traveling.
Having this book, filled in with your medical information, could help attending physicians to be able to rapidly diagnose and treat you more accurately. Never again will you have to worry that you won’t have critical information for yourself, or your loved ones at your fingertips when dealing with a medical emergency, or you are traveling away from home.    

What's In The Organizer?
*Important Contacts
*Health and Treatment History
*Appointment Calendars
*Progress Blood Count Charts
*Managing Side Effects
*Insurance Tips
*Nutritional Support
*Physical Support
*Motivational Support to Help Keep You Encouraged

"Helping To Make Life Easier"
Because you have enough to worry about!

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Friday, May 1, 2009 - 12:49am
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