New Lifestyle Makeover E-book for Diabetics

Lifestyle Makeover, a series of e-books that serve as guides to counter different health conditions has added another e-book to its line. The e-book authored by George F. Tohme provides helpful information for diabetes sufferers worldwide.

Press Release (PressBurner) Jul 13, 2009 - Lifestyle Makeover, a collection of e-books that focus on helping readers shift to a healthier lifestyle, recently published another e-book – this time dedicated to diabetics. In the past, author and pharmacist George F. Tohme has released books for couch potatoes, tobacco smokers, and people who want to combat stress and alcohol-use, and revive their sex lives. Now, his fourth e-book is out to guide the 247 million diabetics worldwide towards fighting the disease that has severely affected their lives.

The easy-to-read book is not only intended for diabetics, but also those who suffer from conditions like high cholesterol and blood pressure, obesity and problems related to smoking and unhealthy sexual health. In the book, Tohme provides “blueprints” for everyday meals, ways to prevent the hunger cycle, guides on losing weight permanently, and habits to change one’s life. Another very practical section of the e-book is information on medications for diabetes.    

Every year, 100,000 leg amputations are associated with diabetes, and worse, the disease claims the lives of 250,000 annually. Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics is as an all-in-one source to help bring these statistics down and improve the general well-being of its readers, which can be accessed by visiting

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