Newfoundland Real Estate Agents - Leading Real Estate Agents At Real Estate Locators seeks to provide the facility of directory listing as well as online promotion to the licensed real estate agents of Canada and the United States. Leading Newfoundland real estate agents, keen on increasing their business prospects, are finding these twin features very useful.

Press Release (PressBurner) May 06, 2010 - Licensed Real Estate agents in Canada and the United States now have two carrots in their hands. They can be members of the online directory and, at the same time, promote themselves through the internet marketing tools of SEO. This has been made possible with the launch of . The site has been offering the plan at $49.99 per month, promising first page rank in Google within two months. It has been an attractive proposition for the agents of these two countries, including the Newfoundland real estate agents .

Newfoundland has witnessed a 25.8% rise in the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) sales in the first quarter of 2010. The average price of a house has risen by 18% in the same period. The MLS is a national database of the sale and purchase of different properties across Canada. Increase in the sale and listing of the properties in MLS indicates the trends in the real estate market. The rise in MLS sales and price figures for the Newfoundland real estate market are indicative of the renewed interest of buyers. The new online promotional tools adopted by the industry players have also made them more visible in the virtual world, enabling them to increase the scope of their business and also market themselves effectively. lists the agents on the basis of the properties they deal in and state or province wise.

This site seeks to promote its members on ‘exclusivity’ basis, which means that it will be promoting only one member per category or area at a time. It is also providing the creation of personalized profiles of the agents or brokers with linkages to the sites. Updates in the profiles on social media sites, such as facebook and twitter, will be featured on real-time basis. Newfoundland real estate agents can now go for both listings and SEO marketing.

Apart from promotional tools, it has an online mortgage loan calculator, which is quite handy for the visitors who want to know the per month debt-servicing costs. It also features a free home valuation facility, wherein expert agents will visit the house of the client to verify the property and tell its estimated value. For informing the visitors about the various aspects of the real estate industry, the site has space for articles to be written and submitted. It is easy to find agents or brokers, including the Newfoundland real estate agents , by simply entering the name of the city, neighborhood, or property type.

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