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We provide high quality and low cost medical transcription services. Transcribe your any medical records, files by our expert medical transcriptionists at 60% on low rates. Get free medical transcription services trial offer.

Press Release (PressBurner) Aug 19, 2009 - Outsourcing Transcription Services is leading medical transcription company in outsourcing transcription industry offer accurate medical transcription services and save up to 60% medical transcription cost.  Get free medical transcription services trial offer for first few hours.

We deliver high quality and low cost medical transcription services in a particular time period. It is basically the procedure of transcribing the dictated medical recording made by medical practitioner or physicians and other Medicare professionals into computerized format.  With having 10+ years of experience, we serve high quality medical transcription services to various businesses, medical industries such as hospitals, physician, clinic, practices, individual doctors and MTOs.

We offer following medical transcription services:
•   Radiology transcription
•   Neurology transcription
•   Cardiology transcription
•   Dental transcription
•   Gynecology transcription
•   Dermatology transcription
•   Psychology transcription
•   Orthopedic transcription, etc.

Our professional expert team of medical transcriptionists has the capacity to handle your long or one time projects with easiness and deliver excellent result before deadline which gives you 100% immense satisfaction.

Consider our advance advantages of medical transcription outsourcing service to healthcare industry are following:
•   Competitive pricing
•   Quick turnaround time
•   High data accuracy
•   High data security
•   HIPAA compliant
•   Pragmatic and flexible approach
•   Highly skilled medical transcriptionists capable of working with every specialty
•   One proof reader per three transcribers
•   Secured access for authorized users to all transcribed reports
•   Custom delivery of completed reports

To Save 60% on medical transcription cost on transcription services, outsource your medical transcription services to our specialized and experienced team. Use our FREE trial to check our quality and accuracy in medical transcription services. No hidden costs.

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