Smith & Ken’s Real Estate Recovery Scheme a huge success

Real Estate Recovery Scheme-RERS by smith and ken.


Press Release (PressBurner) Sep 02, 2010 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - August 29, 2010
Following the successful launch by Smith and Ken, Dubai’s leading real estate agency, of their Real Estate Recovery Scheme, CEO Benjamin J Smith has announced that the response has been incredible with over 1,500 enquiries within a week of the launch.

Smith stated: “Whilst we planned to handle a large number of enquiries, this has pleasantly surprised us. Already we have witnessed 27 successful transactions within the first four weeks. There’s nothing more pleasing when you can solve your investor’s problems."

The Real Estate Recovery Scheme Real was set up to aid investors who have lost their money and life's savings on off-plan property investments in the UAE. Sensing the desperation in the situation and the need for a speedy revitalization, Smith and Ken's Real Estate Recovery Scheme (RERS) immediately helps investors recover the monetary value of their real estate investments through a like for- like credit note to the value of what they have already paid against one of Smith & Ken's properties.

It also means that instead of waiting for a building to be completed, those in the scheme can choose a new property, and once you’ve done that, we deduct the amount you’ve already paid from your new apartment, office space or plot of land.

Based on the initial response of the scheme, Smith stated: "I now intend to extend the scheme until all our customers have found a solution, so it’s very much a busy summer for Smith & Ken. It’s great our innovative ideas and strategies have solved so many people’s failed property investments.

“The most important thing was to find a solution, rather than just sit and wait, and we have done that so our focus is now ensuring that anyone who has lost money in an off plan project we sit down with them and try to find a way to re-align the investments to achieving the target they intended originally".

Smith & Ken Real Estate is an innovative real estate consultancy and brokerage firm, offering a one-stop-shop for real estate purchase in Dubai and internationally.
Their services comprise of: residential and commercial brokerage, international property sales, market research and financial advisory alliances. These services are delivered with a clear and common purpose, to make property purchasing as simple as possible and to allow foreign and local investors to benefit from the best value offers available.
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