The Upward Rise of Women in the Music industry

The Founder and President, Rose Green has initiated a Music Consulting Firm equipped with an associated group of highly-experienced like-minded career professionals, who share the same enthusiasm for tackling the challenges of the music industry.

Press Release (PressBurner) Sep 12, 2009 - The Founder and President, Rose Green of Unlimited Services, has initiated a list of varied Entrepreneurial services based on her job experiences, equipped with an associated group of highly-experienced like-minded career professionals, who share the same enthusiasm for tackling life greatest challenges and being able to exhibit their professional transformations, as she does.

Boston, MA (Independent Writer) Monday, September, 11, 2009 – Unlimited Services specialize in the management of musical artists, is of a worldwide extension and boasts an inclusion of various musicians within different music genre; ranging from Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, Classical, World-beat, Jazz, etc. Current previews of the musicians’ works are available at  

Unlimited Services have established themselves as a music entertainment & promotional service company that caters to the needs of local, regional & international musicians, by focusing their services within Music Management Consultations.  There is currently no music; entertainment and managerial company of its kind that offers the unique promotional packages that are made available to each musician that is being offered by Unlimited Services.  

Ms. Green’s experience within the entertainment and music industries has afforded her extensive knowledge and her resume’ boasts an impressive list of job experiences.  She has maintained a strong client base, which has highlighted her experiences within the music and entertainment industry.  Her experiences are within:  Events Promotions & Production, Songwriting, Artiste/Music Management, Tour Production Management, Tour Management, Road Manager, Merchandise Manager, Music & Fashion talent scout.

As the Founder and President of Unlimited Services, she explains that her success with building the Music Management Consulting business has been attained and comprised through consultation by individual lists of business associates, record producers, organizers, promoters and institutions involved in the Music & Entertainment industries.  She has worked within the capacity of some of the top promoters and producers, such as: The Wilhelmina Modeling & Talent Agency, Transcontinental Records, NUSTAR TV & Film Productions, Smart Route Systems of the ABC News Channel, The Agency Group & Clear Channel Communications and One Love International Management, just to name a few…..
Unlimited Services includes but are not limited to promotional methods, techniques, and dynamic innovations that are available and able to self-promote the musical work of artistes’ within the entertainment and music industries.  As a relevant marketing tool, Unlimited Services assigns a team of professionals who consistently monitor and document the growth of each musician’s works and provide a timetable of their future happenings as well as supply provisional documented business modules of their development.

Unlimited Services has built an effective Facebook and Twitter contact page to complement their works and have reinforced the benefits of their management services through distribution channels like E-newsletters and direct mailing of Newsletters.  Their goal is to build on their current client list, of seeking new accounts, whilst creating a stronger presence within the local, regional and international communities.  The appeal is for members of the immediate communities who are consistently traveling out of town to have their service needs met or clients seeking management services to invest in the discovered ‘diamond in a rut.’

When asked if there were any doubts to launching the Unlimited Services music management business, Ms. Green’s response was that, “we were faced with the primary risks of establishing a Music Management consulting, service company with outstandingly new practices. We had strong confidence within our methods and techniques and we have consistently proven our methods on all levels.  We have an identifiable market niche and our assumptions have been proven since intercepted.  The population of our target market is more than adequate.  These facts are being based on the volume and profit projections, of the average figures within the music & entertainment industries.”

Local musician Absolute Logics states that, “as a Reggae Artist, I have realized that Unlimited Services is dedicated to serving the immediate community by providing a service of value.”

International Reggae Band, Live Wyya says that, “Unlimited Services is widely-recognized as the best of its kind; within promotions and having sound, consistent goals, in terms of management.”

Regional Hip-Hop artiste Ebonics gives, “much kudos! I have never met another company that has presented a Managerial concept of my works; what I am missing, where I need to be and how to go about all my promotions. Unlimited Services is truly one of a kind.”

Unlimited Services has grown at a steady pace and with this growth, they have been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon their outside communities.
Unlimited Services, “is committed to representing the client first."

About the writer:
Nicole Grandison is an independent writer, who is currently building a catalogue of industry professionals, who have made an impact on their immediate communities through the music and the arts

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