Top 3 dentists Launches website updates

Top3dentists updates the site in a step towards commitment towards consumers

Press Release (PressBurner) Aug 08, 2009 - Top3dentists, the fastest growing dental community launches approximately 1200 pages individually per city in response to the growing visitors. The new design aims to strengthen way consumers can freely search a top doctor in their area.

In a two step design note, “Find A Dentist” can match a dentists based on category to give results such as there hours of training, areas of expertise, location. New page design helps the consumer to go away from normal search but use a parallel method of state - county- city approach method.

Increasing need of evaluation of the service each doctor provides, Top3dentists ensures each call gets recorded and emailed to the doctors along with quality feedback.  New service offerings now also include an email help desk which would help the consumers via enriched response.  

While Top3dentists has bolstered their approach process, it has not left behind the basic need for consumer research. Consumers today can also post a query in ASK DENTIST section of the site to be answered by one of our expert dentists. Each dentists in top3dentist forum is evaluated by Top3dentists
“With these new upgrades, consumers now have a complete dental city guide at their fingertips,” said Dr. Dana VP of Operations at Top3dentists.  “We’ve streamlined the process so that it’s easier than ever to find an independently researched dentist. We also provide a wealth of useful dental information to help consumers understand their options and feel more comfortable about treatment.”

Existing content will also be expanded and updated on a regular basis. New streaming media additions include exclusive dental videos on topics ranging from dental implants and TMJ to dental anxiety are also in pipeline to make sure Top3dentists serves the society with better consumer education techniques.

“This redesign was created specifically to enhance the experience of our growing online community,” said Ritu Kharbanda, Director of Marketing at Top3dentists. “Visitors can rely on Top 3 dentists to find a top dentist, and would love going to and get current dental information. Just the way a highly trained dentist would go about finding the right dentist for themselves or for their loved one.”

About Top 3 dentists
Founded in July 2008  in San Diego, Ca, Top3dentists ® is the leading free resource for consumers in search of Top dentists and specialists in their area. Dentists only can join by an invitation. Currently offering an email support at <hidden email> at and would soon be launching a phone support

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Saturday, August 8, 2009 - 12:31am
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