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Scared of catching the swine flu in theatres? Watch Love Aaj Kal online

Press Release (PressBurner) Aug 16, 2009 - Love Aaj Kal - such a wonderful movie, but such a wrong time to get released ! With the swine flu outbreak making its way into our daily lives, a simple entertainment stroll like watching a movie in a cinema hall has become such a big risk! But we desis can't live without movies, can we ? Especially since Bollywood doesnot throw movies like Love Aaj Kal to the public everyday !

Well, dont despair, alls not lost ... Like joy and sorrow, Bollywood too finds a way to get into our lives,  and this time its through a swine flu beating website called You can watch Love aaj kal online following this link :

And if you are so ignorant of aaj kal ke happenings and are wondering what kind of a film this would be, be assured, its one of the best movies to hit the screens this year. Quite realistic, and Saif has done a brilliant job ! As the name suggests, the movie shows off the difference between the love life in the current generation and what it used to be some years ago

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Sunday, August 16, 2009 - 3:20am
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